New Pallets, Used and Reconditioned Pallets in the UK

With so many different types of pallets available for use, you might need an expert to identify the best pallet for you. Luckily we are experts so not to worry. Tell us their application and we'll get you the right pallet at the best price.

By revamping and reinstating old pallets back to life, not only are we doing what we do better than anyone else in the UK, but we also pride ourselves on giving our customers a choice that can transform their business for the better.

We stock in excess of 50,000 new, used and reconditioned pallets.

Itís common for companies to see Pallet cost savings of upto 40% when they have moved away from Pallet pools, new pallets and into recycled pallets. What a lot of people donít know is that reconditioned pallets are often even stronger than new pallets, this translates into further cost saving because there are no repairs.

We divide our build teams into reconditioned and new pallets specialists. Most companies use the same personnel for both jobs but because we understand that specialisation increases quality we keep each build team focussed solely on their individual endeavours, this mean that our customers end up with an unsurpassed level of expertise and understanding of their needs. The quality of our work is unrivalled.

The importance of this cannot be overstated. The difference between mediocre used or reconditioned pallets and excellent ones can be up to 10 additional round trips.

Our state-of-the-art wood recycling facility in the centre of England is most likely the largest disassembling and component recovery facility in the UK and one of the most advanced in Europe. From here, every month more than 200,000 pallets are brought back to life. WoodVenture are the leading UK specialists in new pallets, used and reconditioned pallets.

Through our repair and reconditioning program we will sort each pallet and credit your company for each reusable pallet. Non reusable pallets are also removed at no cost. There are also programs for non standard sized pallets.