Wood Waste Management and Recycling contractors also specialising in Cardboard Recycling in the UK

Dealing with waste in a sustainable way is one of the major challenges for today and generations to come. WoodVenture has become synonymous with helping businesses in the UK move on from the throw-away culture of yesteryear to one of recycling and recovery, in which wood waste is thought of as a resource that is just a few processes away from becoming a new product.

We pride ourselves in recycling of 90% of all waste brought to our wood waste management and cardboard recycling sites.

Wood Waste Management is our speciality. It is an integral and intrinsic part of supplying wood products; collecting, recycling and reintroduction of products made new again through our recycling processes.

We have wood grinding and separating machinery that will break down wood into their component parts. After a series of further processing stages a number of different and wholly new products are borne such as horse bedding, landscape gardening mulch and safety surfaces used in children’s play grounds. All of these new products are made from wood fibre made from 100% recycled wood.

Our wood waste and pallet grinding systems utilise high torque grinders in both hopper feed and horizontal feed configurations — to high volume fibre processing systems with horizontal hogs — to the portable grinder, providing effective solutions for converting expensive wood waste into marketable wood fibre in the UK.

WoodVenture is the UK leader in wood waste management and cardboard recycling, and we encourage you to contact us to discuss how our solutions can help your business make the most of waste products.